Welcome to the Govy General

GOVY GENERAL (Govy being short for Government Camp, as the locals would say) is located in the small village of Government Camp on Mt. Hood, Oregon’s highest mountain peak at 11,235 feet above sea level. Mt. Hood encompasses 1.2 million acres of National Forest’s on it’s slopes with 4 wilderness areas and over 1200 miles of hiking trails. Mt. Hood is one of the Cascade Mountain Ranges sleeping volcanoes whose last eruption was in 1907. We are 6 miles from the historic Timberline Lodge, where movies such as “The Shining” were filmed, and across the street from Ski Bowl, America’s largest night ski area.

Government Camp got its name in 1845 when the U.S. cavalry troops were forced to abandon their wagons and supplies and wait out the winter before they could make their way down the mountain. The Barlow road, a spur of the Oregon Trail, comes along both sides of town, where you can still see the old wagon wheel ruts. Government Camp has become a place for tourist to come, relax and enjoy the many scenic view points or a place for the outdoor enthusiast to come and have their next great adventure.

In 2006, we got the idea of putting in a small grocery store to help supply the community with bare essentials so they didn’t have to travel for supplies during hazardous conditions. Now years later we are a small “Old Time” country variety store with everything someone may need or have forgotten to bring on their latest journey. We have learned that our customers are not only the one’s living in the community, but also the tourist that come from all corners of the globe to visit Mt. Hood and the recreational enthusiasts that come to the National Forest to ski / snowboard, fish, hike, camp or just enjoy. We strive to make all our customers feel welcome and try to make their stay memorable and enjoyable.

Thank you for your Patronage!