Govy General Gifts

GOVY GENERAL has a large gift area featuring everything from fine chocolates, specialty huckleberry products to clothing and knick knacks. Anything you may be looking for.

We have a wonderful selection of Fine Chocolates from companies such as “Moon Struck”, “Huckleberry People” and “Seattle’s Best”.

We have Huckleberry Products from “Huckleberry People”, such as jams, jellies, muffin & pancake mixes, scones, Honey (creamed & regular), along with a fine selection of candies like, Huckleberry taffy, licorice (in four flavors, prickly pear being a favorite), fudge, gummy bears (chocolate covered, Yum!! or regular), twists, and more.

We have many unique items made by Local Artist, such as, wire figurines, stickers, bracelets, necklace’s, earrings, bubbles, wall hangings, greeting cards, hand painted chap stick & lighter holders, candles, coffee mugs, and much, much more.

We have all the local Mt. Hood and Oregon souvenirs such as postcard, magnets, note pads and key chains. We also have posters, wall hangings, signs, and stickers from great companies like, “Northwest Art Mall”.

Our Knick Knacks are constantly changing, but we always have a large selection to choose from. We have locket necklace’s, car charms, wind chimes, carved wood souvenirs, candles, party supplies, stuffed animals, and much more.